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Prepare for the Adventure

Hammock in the Mountains


Hiking Path




Great Smoky Mountains

Little About Us...

Our mission is: To Boldly Stand, And Act As One For Self - Evident Truths. IN GOD WE TRUST. We are a Christian Store, that believes in "NO FEAR" just knowing and using skills that our Grandparents taught us to be prepared for whatever may come. We offer several classes to help customers gain these skills. (New classes available upon request.) We have several items Online and In-store. A few products we offer are, Natural/Herbal alternative for everyday needs. Real time pain relief products, Nuwati herbals, Doterra, Knifes, Ammo, Large variety of survival tools and equipment, Military and Security clothing and gear, Signs, Medical Supplies and Kits, Hiking poles and canes, Cooking Gear, Camping equipment (Full starter kits available.) Large choice of Long-term food, or we can help you make your own freeze-dried long-term food-storage. Educational Games /Books, Trail Guides, Watershoes, Tubes, etc. more... Layaways and Special Orders available year--round for a small Percentage down. 

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