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  • Most Preserved food will last up to 25 years with all of its flavor and nutrients.

  • Create Special Diet Grab and Go Food for Travel or Emergencies.

  • Lightweight - Great for Camping, Hiking , Emergency Kits etc. Grab and Go. No cooking required on most items. 


How long will it take. 

  • Average drying time1 to 2 day (24 - 52 hrs) based on moisture content and size. 

  • Prefect for freeze drying fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, meals, desserts, and more.....

What do I need. 

  • Prepared Food - Four (4) trays  7.5" W x 18" L x  .075" H. Holds approx. 7 -10 lbs. of food per batch. You can share time with friends and/ or family. 

  • Mylar, or Airtight container for completed product. Can purchase at store or bring own.

  • Contact us today to reserve your space - Hurry limited space available. 

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