The Mora Camp Axe is the perfect tool to handle kindling and simple brushwork when out in the woods. It is a relatively small axe, making it easy to carry and use. The ergonomic handle is slightly textured and fits comfortably in your hand. The strategically shaped wide bottom prevents it from flying out of your hand during use.

In addition, the hole near the bottom of the handle lets you secure a lanyard to the end, which can be used to attach to your belt or pack, or fix around your wrist for added security. A great feature on this axe is the axe head. For starters, the steel is made from Boron, a specialized steel used mostly in cars because of its durability. Additionally, the axe head extends about two inches into the handle itself to further reinforce its sturdiness. The thickness of the blade is admittedly somewhat thin, but for minor brushwork and firewood, it will do the job.The flat end of the axe head can be used to hammer in stakes or nails, which can aid in building tents and shelters. This can be the perfect axe if you are looking for a tool to include on your camping excursions that can help to generate firewood, chop down branches, and hammer in stakes.

Morakniv Boron Steel Camping Axe





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